Faroe art


This is a work of art by Bardur Jakupsson from the Faroe Islands, hanging in an exhibition in Copenhagen.  I was struck by the artist’s own ideas of perspective – stemming from experiences of being in a small boat, bobbing up and down in a mighty sea, with a rocky coastline not far away – enough to help you see things differently!

I thought about what that might have been like – through an artist’s eye:  the lack of stillness giving you an ever-changing perspective of things, of shape, of colours, and in the ever-changing motion trying not to force your perceptions onto what is before you, but to let things appear and unfold before you.

And I thought about me, the viewer, now looking at this painting.  It is not for me to ask ‘What does it represent?’, but it is for me to let its images unfold before me; to be absorbed and caught up in it for as long as I may.  Lovely :).



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