Wall Street Art


Bristol is synonymous with Banksy.  Well, to me it is anyway – that pop-up artist who would paint his scenes under the cover of darkness and in haste, so as not to be caught by the authorities.  That notoriety was back in the day; now he is celebrated and there are maps and walking tours of his art.  The underground artist came in from the cold!  The amusing thing about this particular piece of Banksy’s wall art, is that someone else came along and splodged some blue paint on it – vandalising Banksy’s art?  Rather ironic, don’t you think?!



The great thing is, it seems to have established the city as a place for artists to bring some colour and vibrancy to every corner.  Look around and you see walls of buildings turned into giant canvases.  On a side street near Cabot Tower there is ‘The Coat of Arms’ painting, and just down a side street from there, there is some really colourful cartoon graffiti, bringing cheer to a rather drab area.  How brilliant!


And what a lovely, softer kind of painting this is, with someone holding a bunch of flowers – enormous in scale and still delicate.

Bristol is not a city you want to walk around with your head down looking at the pavement.  Keep your eyes peeled and you will see the environment transformed with art.







The sign above this shop really said it all:



  1. I would love to visit Bristol, it must be unique 🙂 I like street art, I think it gives so much color and character to the cities… have you been in Brussels?? it is covered with Tintin and its characters ahah amazing 🙂 greetings from Lisbon, PedroL

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