The Mechanical Man


In the summer I journeyed to Denmark for the first time, and spent some time in Copenhagen where I came across this rather lovely sculpture.  I call it the mechanical man, as it’s made out of car parts and engineering bits and bobs.  [I couldn’t find the name of the piece or its creator – do you know it?].  My first reaction was to hop into the ‘bench’ and mimic his pose – his limbs were longer than mine so I couldn’t quite match it!

I went back a few days later and watched other people do the same thing, often with much hilarity!  And it made me think what a wonderful role this sculpture is playing – interacting with it we are snapped out of our ordinary ways of thinking or being.  It’s like a prompt – whether it’s to think about thinking [like Rodin’s Thinker], or think about life, or marvel at the artists’ creativity.  It also transformed that bit of space into public, social space where people dropped their reserve and started chatting with other viewers, or laughing, or helping to take photos for other people.  It was really wonderful to see.  Art transforming life 🙂




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